Sweets and Suites

An RP account for the original character Dinah Holt.

I’ve been talking to Neal… a lot…

and, well, ah,

I’ve decided to move in with him in New York City. 

There’s a lot of art and culture there. There’s also a lot of people that need help. And, it’s been a while since I lived in a place with big buildings. Plus, just look at him

Who could resist that? 

So I’m going. It’s been nice knowing all of you, but this is what I’ve chosen. Goodbye dearies 



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Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks



Geeeee thanks XD

purplehazevillain replied to your post: Thanks :,) That’s really sweet of you.

You’re sweet too :)

Yeah… teenagers… :P

zatanna-z replied to your photo: We’re doing childhood photos then? Fine. I can go…

Every teenager goes through it, I did too. :)